State Director of Assessment:  Bronson Broockerd   
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Assessments are a great way to improve your skill as a referee.  A trained and certified assessor will observe your game.  Afterwards, you receive verbal and written feedback for you and your entire crew on areas you excel and areas on which you can focus for improvement.  

There are three types of assessments available:

  • Developmental: open to anyone and intended for practice and improvement.  A "pass-fail" decision is not made, but ample feedback is provided to grow.
  • Upgrade: when a referee seeks to upgrade from 8 to 7 or 7 to 6, an upgrade assessment is needed to coach improvement but also to determine if the referee is ready for this upgrade.  When upgrading to grade 6, two assessments are required.
  • Maintenance: when a referee becomes a grade 6 State Referee, an annual maintenance assessment is required.  Coaching is provided, but also a decision about the referee "maintaining" that grade is appropriate.

Assessment Criteria as of May 31, 2016

No minimumNo minimum Any ageAny lengthAny assessor  $40.00
 Upgrade from
Grade 8 to 7
18 years old100 games completed as referee and/or assistant referee U-15 and older 35 min. Any assessor     $40.00  
 Upgrade from Grade 7 to 619 years oldGrade 7 referee for at least 1 year Two assessments are required: One must be U-17, U-18, or U-19.  The other must be an adult game.  Both can be adult but both cannot be youth.40 minState
plus 2 different assessors must be used
Annual Maintenance
for Grade 6
19 years oldGrade 6
 Adult games only (or special permission from the SRA)40 min. State

Additional Information
  • Level of CompetitionIt is best for you if your match is highly competitive as you will learn more.  However, the USSF requirement for a specific level of competition has been removed.  That means even if you have a one-side match, the assessor will count the game
  • Kansas RequirementsKansas reserves the right to increase requirements for candidates for upgrade or maintenance as needed to assist with referee performance.

Instructions to Request an Assessment

  • Before you request an assessment, be sure you have a game already assigned that meets the criteria.  You cannot request an assessment until your game is assigned.  A few days later, you will receive your assessor assignment.  Please know that there are times when assessors are not available.  In that case, we will work with you to reschedule.  If you do not hear from us regarding your assessor, please feel free to email a follow-up.
  • After you find out who your assessor is, notify your assignor you are being assessed so your game does not change. It is your responsibility to communicate with the assessor directly regarding weather, field changes, time changes, or anything else related to the game.
  • Please have a check already written or cash available to pay your assessor when you meet them at the field.  Assessors must be paid prior to the match.  Notify your crew that you are being assessed and plan to spend about 20 minutes visiting after the match about your performance.  At times, if there are challenges, this visit can take 30 minutes.
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