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2015 Kansas State Referee Service Award Winner

posted Jul 10, 2015, 5:47 PM by Cory Kramer   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 7:15 PM ]
John Hale - SRC "Service Award" Winner

For most of us who have a history in refereeing soccer in Kansas City John Hale is someone we know.  John's involvement with soccer officiating started at the beginnings of soccer in Kansas.  His sons wanted to be on a team.  The prerequisite was that each team needed to provide officials.  John was officially in.

But, it did not stop there for John.  Yes, he pursued advancements and advance he did. From a Grade 8 to a State Referee and now State Referee Emeritus.  John also thought he could contribute to the high school and college matches as an official, and again he did what was necessary to get certified and assigned at those levels. 

When someone needed instructors, John volunteered and is a certified Instructor today.  When he heard that Assessors were needed, John volunteered and became an Assessor.  And, he has a rich history as an Assignor in Kansas City.  Not only did John assign matches.  He spent countless hours at the fields developing the Referees in terms of both performance and character.  Those of you who worked for John remember that he expected performance and availability.  If you were scheduled and didn't show, it wasn't business as usual.  It cost you and you learned.

John has been an executive with NISOA.  John has been involved as a board member with the Kansas Soccer Association (the adults).  He still assigns Referees for the Kansas City Kansas Adult League.  And, for the youth - John has always contributed in every way that he could.  Today he is the State Director of Instruction and a member of the State Referee Committee. His passion is to deliver the level of education that helps our Referees become more effective.  You will see the progress he is driving when you sign up for ELCs and when you go to the Recertification classes (the current work in process).

John's influence will be felt in our State for many years because of his contributions to several generations of officials.  The SRC Service Award is earned by contributing above and beyond personal gain.  John exemplifies what makes being a Referee in Kansas special.  Many of us will reach new heights because we were able to stand on John's shoulders.  And, John is humble.  He will tell anyone that he gets more than he gives from each of you.

Please congratulate John on this well deserved award the next time you see him.

Previous Award Winners include:  Mike Steck, Mike Robinson, Lucio Arteaga and Robert Walters.

Rich Kaminsky, SRC Chairman