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2015 Kansas State Referee Service Award Winner Mike Chrissie

posted Dec 27, 2015, 12:11 PM by Cory Kramer   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 7:18 PM ]

Mike started his soccer Refereeing experience back on the east coast in North Carolina.  Like most of us, he started on the field, officiating youth matches and developing his skills.  He participated in the college ranks in one of the more fertile areas of the country.  Other interesting fact about Mike’s soccer career - Mike is a life Member of US Soccer, and has 45 years of continuous certification (talk about dedication!).
I mention this because Mike had the opportunity to officiate future stars like Mia Hamm (he has a great story about Mia.  If you get the chance, ask him about it.) 

Refereeing on the field was just the start for Mike.  Yes, he upgraded to State Grade and will retire as an Emeritus State Referee.  Mike saw an opportunity to work with the Referee Program in North Carolina and took the role of Area Referee Administrator.  In this role he contributed to Instruction, Assessments, Mentoring and other programs that supported Referee Development.

Business brought Mike to Kansas City, and he let the Referee community know that he had both experience and a willingness to contribute.  We don’t pass up on an opportunity like Mike, and he was invited to continue his leadership in Kansas. 

Mike’s primary contributions to Referee Development in Kansas centered on Instruction.  When the State needed new instructors, Mike told us that he was a State Instructor and was certified to train new Instructors, and he did that for Kansas.  Mike was focused on upgrading the quality of the Instructors.  He initiated Instructor clinics, upgraded the qualifications to become and stay an instructor, and worked with a team to support the growth needed to certify and recertify a Referee population that grew from only 400 to over 2,000.  Mike started the Education Committee to get more input on how we could use the education process to help make our Referees better.  His latest role was as the State Director of Education, where he focused on improving the preparation and delivery of the education process.

The SRC Service Award is earned by contributing above and beyond personal gain.  Every Referee in Kansas over the past 15 years has been touched by the contributions Mike has made in education.  When you see the videos for fouls – that was a change Mike introduced.  When you participate in “reciprocal teaching” (i.e., the stories we use during recertifications) – that was a change that Mike introduced.  There are many more examples of Mike’s contributions.  That is why we are excited to share that Mike has earned the State Referee Committee Service Award.  Please congratulate Mike on this well-deserved award the next time you see him.

Previous Award Winners include:  Mike Steck, Mike Robinson, Lucio Arteaga, Robert Walters, and John Hale.

Rich Kaminsky, SRC Chairman