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2016 Futsal Certifications now starting

posted Sep 12, 2015, 4:30 AM by Cory Kramer   [ updated Jul 11, 2016, 7:16 PM ]

It will not be very long before the Futsal season is ready to start.  For Referees this means getting ready to certify and/or recertify.  We have heard from many of you and have considered a number of ideas to make the process more effective - while maintaining our responsibility of preparing you to deliver an effective performance on the pitch.  Please review this article to understand the Certification and Recertification changes that we are implementing, the benefits to you, and your responsibilities.

If you have already certified as a Futsal Referee, these changes will affect you the most.  For the 2016 Badge, the recertification process will be done completely online.  You will not have to schedule time to attend a class.  The additional advantage of this to you is that you will not be charged a Clinic fee which in effect reduces your investment to officiate in Futsal.

There will be two 2016 Recertification offerings this year. One in October and one in November.  This gives you the entire month to complete the required assignments which are outlined below.

Go to the Instruction tab and enroll/register for the Futsal Recertification. 

  • Enroll (i.e., sign up) for either the October or the November Recertification class.

    • If you enroll in the October class you have to complete the requirements by October 31

    • If you enroll in the November class you have to complete the requirements by November 30

  • You must pay for this class at the time of the sign-up.  The preferred method of payment is to pay online.  If you cannot do this, then you will need to make arrangements to pay before the registration is accepted.  If you need to make arrangements please contact Bill Davey (SRA) and he will instruct you in the process.

  • You will then be directed to complete the following:

    • View and complete the USSF online program for Futsal.  There are 17 Laws and you will have to successfully complete each and every one of the Law Modules.  When you have successfully finished this online training....

  • Complete the 2016 Futsal Test (again, this will be online and will require a score of 80% to pass.  Take it as many times as you need to get the 80%)

  • Once you have completed these requirements and the class is officially closed, we will mail you your badge.

No class.... no clinic fee.... no exceptions on how to complete the registration.  You can do this at home, on your schedule and for a lower fee.  But, failure to complete all of the required modules will keep you from getting the 2016 Badge.