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Ian "Bill" Davey SRC Award Winner

posted Sep 1, 2013, 7:40 PM by Cory Kramer   [ updated Sep 1, 2013, 7:40 PM ]
Andrew Fletcher - Ian "Bill" Davey SRC Award Winner

Coming from a family of Referees may create a passion for excellence in officiating, but it takes more than passion to be successful.  Andrew combines his passion with a genuine interest and commitment to your success as a Kansas Referee.  This is why he has been selected to receive the Ian "Bill" Davey Award, based on a unanimous vote of the members of your State Referee Committee.

Andrew's career started the same way every Referee career begins.  He got certified to be a USSF Referee.  Andrew continued by meeting the requirements for upgrades, becoming a Grade 5 Referee for USSF and a college certified official.  Those of you who had the experience of having Andrew as your Referee know that he understands the game and is focused on delivering safety, fairness and enjoyment to everyone participating.  His performance on the pitch led to his nomination to being assigned to the Kansas State Cup and to represent Kansas at Regionals.  He is an effective Referee with an match resume to be proud of. 

Many of us would consider this performance to be a job well done.  For Andrew, this was just the beginning.  He became a member of the State Referee Committee (Youth Representative).  In this role, his vision was that it would take more than an effective education program to create better Referees in the State of Kansas.  Andrew, working with the SRA and the SYRA, created a vision for a state-wide mentoring program, and was the first "State Director of Mentoring".  The result was the Kansas Fast Track and the Development Programs.  We are now tracking and working with more Referees across the State today than ever before to help you make the most of your officiating career.  The mentoring program is now in the capable hands of Larry Weigant and Andrew has taken on the responsibilities of SYRA.  You will find Andrew at soccer fields almost every weekend, providing guidance to our young Referees and working to build an organization of Referees, supported by Referees with the goals of helping each of us be more effective.  We know we can count on Andrew to continue to do this into the future, making his impact on our beautiful game much bigger than being a Referee in a crucial match.

The Ian "Bill" Davey Award is the highest award presented in the State of Kansas for Referees.  It is awarded to someone who exemplifies the contributions that Bill has made to the Referee Program in the State of Kansas.  It represents passion, commitment and dedication to make our game available to the players, coaches and fans of Kansas.  It represents a commitment to the "Fair Play" mission of FIFA.  It represents consistent high standards for passion, commitment and dedication in the development of you, the Kansas Referee.  Please join me in congratulating Andrew on this Award.

Past winners of SRC Awards: 

Andrew would be the first to say that he is standing on the shoulders of others who have demonstrated their passion, commitment and dedication to you, the Kansas Referee.  Let me take this opportunity to share with you the past Award winners.  If you see them, tell them thank you.

Ian "Bill" Davey Award:  Tony Palomino, Wichita
State Referee Committee Service Award:  Mike Steck, Mike Robinson, Lucio Arteaga, Robert Walters

Rich Kaminsky, SRC Chairman