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Lucio Arteaga Scholarship Winner

posted Sep 2, 2013, 6:40 AM by Cory Kramer   [ updated Sep 2, 2013, 6:41 AM ]
Lucio Arteaga became a Referee in Spain in 1947.  His first match was an Adult soccer game with one of the teams representing the Spanish military (this was during a Civil War, so you can imagine the pressures on him with this assignment).  Lucio survived the match and many more.  When he moved to Kansas, he continued his commitment to our beautiful game as an Assessor and Mentor and as the sponsor of the "Lucio Arteaga Scholarship", a $500 scholarship awarded every six months to assist a deserving Referee in accomplishing their personal goals of advancing their career.

The most recent recipient of the Lucio Arteaga Scholarship is Jon Freemon.  Jon's career continues to develop because of his commitment to improve.  Jon was the USYSA Young Male Referee of the Year.  He has continued to challenge himself through the upgrade process and in 2013 achieved USSF National Referee status.  I am sure that Jon agrees that being assigned as an official on the touring professional matches (Real Madrid was one of the teams) demonstrates we live in a small world.  Lucio's career begins in Spain.  Lucio provides a scholarship for Referees in Kansas who want to develop to the highest levels.  Jon is a Scholarship winner, and is assigned a match that includes one of the top teams from Spain.

Congratulations to Jon and thank you Lucio.  For those who are interested in applying for this award for the fall/winter of 2013, please send your interest to Bill Davey and/or Rich Kaminsky.  We will send you the Scholarship Application and then share it with Lucio.

Rich Kaminsky, Chairman