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For First-Time Referees

Why Become a Referee?


            There are many people who make the decision to become a Soccer Referee.  Being a referee is both challenging and rewarding.  Many become referees because of their love of the game, the chance to be positive role models, to develop leadership skills, to make life-long friends, or to have a part-time job (Referees are Independent Contractors).  Refereeing is a commitment to the game, to other officials, and to yourself.  Consider becoming a referee.  As the number of leagues, tournaments, and games continues to grow, there are always opportunities.


What is required?


            The first step to becoming a referee is to become certified.  Certification comes from attending an ’Entry-Level Course’ consisting of two parts:


·             Self-study in advance of the clinic

·             Classroom training


Throughout the process, we will provide you with training aids to help you prepare and study.

What is the process to become a Referee?

            The Kansas State Referee Committee is the designated organization for providing your Certification.  The Certification is delivered through an Entry-Level Clinic.  There will be two 5-hour classroom days with recommended pre-training tasks. How? Follow these steps:

1.      MAKE THE DECISION TO CERTIFY AS A REFEREE: Read all the material that is provided here.  Look around the website.  Begin watching games more and more often, especially watching the referees at upper levels.


Advice to Parents of New Referees - U.S. Soccer -.mp4


            WORK HARD AT SELF-STUDY: When you register, begin immediately your Self-study using the training aids we provide here.  We ask that you complete the two Self-study items before you attend the class.  So, plan ahead and work hard.  This is what you need to complete:

·             Download the Kansas ELC Workbook.  Complete it as you go through the modules in the next step below.

·             Complete all of the US Soccer Modules for Laws 1- 17.

·             Review these other training aids in Resources,


                 Laws of the Game


1.      SELECT A COURSE:  As soon you are committed to join the Soccer Referee Community, find an Entry-Level Course near you that fits your schedule.

2.      REGISTER: As soon as you have found a course, register for an Entry-Level Course here.  The number of seats in each class is limited in order to have the best environment for learning.  If a class is full, select the next class.  When you register, you will pay for the class by credit card.  If you find out later that you cannot attend the class, please be sure to unregister from the class.  This gives someone else the opportunity to take the class.  You will NOT receive a refund, however, your payment will transfer to the new class.

         NOTE TO PARENTS:  When you register a referee candidate. Please provide information about the referee, NOT the parent assisting.  Parents, if your child does not have e-mail, use your own e-mail address.  You may use your e-mail for multiple children, if needed. Please provide birth dates and names for your referee, not you.

3.      CONFIRMATION EMAIL:  After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.  If you do not receive this e-mail for any reason, check your junk mail or Spam.  If you still do not find it, contact the webmaster for confirmation.


1.      ON CLASS DAY ONE:  On your class day, arrive 15 minutes early. And be sure to bring the following:

·             Bring your completed “Kansas ELC Workbook” from your self-study.

·             Bring something to write with and paper to take notes.

·             Wear comfortable clothes for working indoors

2.      AFTER CLASS ON DAY 1:  Go home and complete the online test.  To do so, you need to log into Kansas Game Officials and complete the exam.  This will not be available until after your first day of class is complete.  The test is open book and the passing grade is 80%. You may take the test as many as times as required to get the required grade.

3.      ON CLASS DAY 2:  Arrive 15 minutes early.

·             Wear running shoes and appropriate clothing for weather as you will be outdoors participating in outdoor activities.

4.      CERTIFICATION: On day 2, we will review the test, focus on application of the Laws, and do field sessions.  At the conclusion of Day 2, you will be certified to referee and will be provided with a badge to wear on your uniform valid for the calendar year ahead.


            Certification allows you to accept assignments for matches anywhere in the United States.  Certification does not guarantee that you will get assignments.  We suggest that you check with your local leagues to understand what their requirements are for assigning Referees to matches.

            Certification is not the end of your learning—it is the beginning.  Soccer Referees, like soccer players, are made on the field during games.  The State Referee Committee works with the leagues across the State to develop the skills of those people who will work with you to continue to develop your skills.

            If you are 18 years old or older you MUST complete Risk Management through the Kansas Youth Soccer Association before you can referee any youth match in the state of Kansas.  For more information click here.

If you have additional questions, contact the State Director of Instruction, Larry Weigant, Email Larry.