New Referees 12 YO and Below

Becoming a referee and you are 12 years old or younger?

Congratulations on making the decision to become a Referee.  Step one is getting certified.  

Please read the entire page before following each step!

     So the question we are being asked is “What do I do if I am not yet 13 and haven’t been able to 

    create a profile and register for the online class?”

  • Your path will be different.
  • We believe that learning and then doing should occur as close together as possible.  Being able to work will reinforce the basic knowledge and skills required to be successful as a Referee.
  • We will be posting a “Recreational Referee Course for Referee candidates who are 12 or younger” on the Kansas Referee Web site in the very near future.  This class will be a one day class (8 hours) and will get you certified to do recreational matches in Kansas.
  • Then, when you recertify (assume you will be 13 then) your records will be updated to show your first year as a “recreational Referee”
  • What you should plan on now:
    • Continue to check the Kansas Referee website and when the Recreational Referee Course for Referee candidates who are 12 or younger” is posted, sign up for that class.
    • The cost of this class will be $55 (the same amount every new Referee in Kansas is charged)
    • If you have questions, please send an email to