New Referees 12 YO or Below

Becoming a referee and are 12 years old or below?

Congratulations on making the decision to become a Referee.  Step one is getting certified.  

Please read the entire page before following each step!

        1.  Start the process by creating a new account in the Kansas Referee system.  
           (Use the referee's information, NOT the parents information)
            We suggest the following when you are creating this new account:

a.       Use your email address for your user name (which must be unique for each and every Referee).
b.       If you do not have a unique email address for the Referee you can create a Gmail account here.
c.       Create your password.
      2.  Search Recreational Grassroots Entry Level for 12 and under and select the clinic you want to
           attend and enroll in this clinic.  This is now a 1 day clinic.
a.       You pay at the clinic ($55 Check – made out to KRDC, money order or cash)