State Director of Mentoring:  Ellen O'Leary |
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What is mentoring?

The goal of the program is to create a consistent mentoring program throughout the state of Kansas that allows new referees the opportunity to continue with their education, grow as referees, and, through the ‘fast track’ program, allow our upper level referees the opportunity to referee at the highest level possible.  A mentor is someone who will guide you and advise you throughout your refereeing career, and, ultimately become a trusted friend.  They offer valuable advice, insight and constructive criticism.  A mentor can assist you with your choice of career path, whether it is recreational soccer or the MLS.  Finally, a mentor can put you into contact with those who can help you reach your goals such as assessors and assignors.


Who needs a mentor?

We all do. We understand we are all at different stages of our careers, and so the mentoring program has been designed to help referees in 3 different stages.

  1. NOVICEFor those of you just beginning, the goal is for you to be able to seek the advice of more experienced referees. And allow you to successfully navigate the early years of your career, which can be the most difficult. We lose a large percentage of our new referees in the first 2 years, and we hope a quality mentoring program can reduce this number.  At this stage, the mentor will help you deal with difficult parents and coaches, how to blow the whistle and look confident, and recognition of fouls. At this stage the mentoring is extremely informal.
  2. INTERMEDIATEAt this stage a mentor will be looking to help you advance your grade, referee in the State Cup competition and represent Kansas at the Regional championships. Your mentor will also introduce you to the assessment program, by filling out informal assessments as he or she watches you work. You will begin to learn some of the more advanced referee techniques such as persistent infringement, use of misconduct and the art of man management. 
  3. FAST TRACKOur Fast track program is designed for those referees who are looking to referee at the highest levels. These referees will also have mentors to help them reach those goals. The goal of our novice and recreational referees should be to reach the fast track level.

Would you like to be a mentor?

We are always looking for referees who want to ‘give back’. Please contact the State Director of Mentoring if you would like to help out.