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New Futsal Referees

New Futsal Referees




  1. You must be 13 years of age at the time of sign up
  2. You must have your own unique email address (try to refrain from using a school email address as the emails from the system can show up as spam and you might not receive verification emails.)
    1. You can obtain your unique email address from Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
  3. You can download the Laws of the Game and Futsal workbook (optional) on the Instruction tab of this website
  4. Depending on if you are a current referee or have never been a referee, follow below
    1. If you are a new referee (NEVER BEEN A REFEREE):
      1. Visit our Officials Management System clinic sign up page by clicking on the link listed at the bottom of this page.
      2. Create your unique account login and password in the Officials Management System. The account MUST be in the name of the prospective referee in both OMS and the Learning Center, not the parent/guardian. Please ensure the accuracy of DOBs and emails.
    2. If you are a current outdoor referee:
      1. Visit our Officials Management System clinic sign up page by clicking on the link listed at the bottom of this page.
      2. Sign into your account: Your user name should be your email you have listed in US Soccer Learning Center and your password is your last name all in CAPS
  5. Click on attend a clinic, sign up for the Futsal online clinic (training)
  6. If you are a new referee, you will be directed to the US Soccer Learning to create an account.
    1.  Use the same login and password to create your OMS account.
  7. Please complete all the OMS online requirements. Once you have completed all online requirements, then you will be prompted to sign up to attend an in-person Futsal clinic.
  8. Once you have completed the in-person training clinic you will be able to start your Futsal career thru December 31, 2024.  You will have to update your training each year by attending a recertification clinic, which is online training, in order to continue your referee credentials for the following year and each year thereafter.

Cost for the training is $70.  You can pay online with most major credit cards, or you can pay at the clinic via cash, money order, or check payable to KRDC.

It is highly recommended that prior to signing up to attend a clinic that you return the Kansas Referee website, click on the instructions tab, FUTSAL tab, download the Laws of the Game, and optional FUTSAL workbook to assist in preparing you to complete all the requirements of the entry level training.

Finally, welcome to the Kansas Soccer Referee family.  Continue to visit the Kansas Referee webpage for events, training, and soccer news across Kansas, as well as the rest of the Country

Click on this link to start your journey: 

New Referees:  Officials Management System Sign Up

Current Referees: Officials Management System

Your Kansas Referee Developmental team wishes you success on the field of play.